About Us

Sanjeevani classes, a premier institute for IIT-JEE(Main+Advanced)& NEET preparation, located in chhoti khanjarpur, prime location of Bhagalpur,Bihar, is creating waves of success among the aspirants of IIT-JEE & NEET. Its foundation was laid many years ago with the motto to unleash the dream of such students who due to financial stringency and poverty are unable to achieve success in competitive examinations.

The institute has been imparting quality education for almost many years seeking to inculcate scientific temperament in the students. The students need to be prepared to face the challenges of technological advancements. The institution wants to hold the students to high and attainable expectations for academic success while preparing them for the greater challenge of IIT-JEE & NEET examinations.

The key factor of our organization lies in the full time dedication of our faculty in different streams, thoroughly upgraded know-how and techniques evolved by them in making even the most difficult concepts crystal clear. Answering the most difficult of problems in the most understandable form has been the constant effort of our full time faculty. The vision of our organization lies in providing quality education in the easiest possible way, which can motivate the spirits of even an average student in developing the conviction that “i can also do it and i will do it”. Recognizing the facts, that the needs of aspirants are diverse, although they share a common goal of qualifying the entrance exams, we have planned a number of courses to meet their needs. The courses, as described, can be taken exclusively or in a suitable combination so as to best supplement your efforts in achieving the ultimate objective

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