Academic Director

Hello Dear Students and Guardians,

I am delighted to introduce you to sanjeevani Eduventures Pvt. Ltd. Which has been set up impart liberal, scientific and professional knowledge in this part of the country to crack JEE (Main+Avanced) And medical exam with excellent rank to get admission in the best technical institutes of India.

objective of our institute has been to provide an open-minded and stimulating academic ambience with the ultimate goal of fulfilling the modern requirements. It is my proud privilege to produce the batches of well equipped young minds, capable of delivering results in the fast paced extremely challenging and competitive environment.

I am quite happy that the products of this institutes is fulfilling the expectations of the concerned. The Institute holds its image for having highly qualified and committed faculties and I express my gratitude to all for expanding guidance and assistance in promoting the aim and ideas for which the institute has been set up.



Academic Director

CHEM. HOD,ACAD. Director

16 years Experience

M.Sc(Chemistry), B.Sc (Dual Honours)


I wish you all a glorious life.

“I promise, the closer you look at Sanjeevani, the more confidents you’ll be in your decision to join”.

Believe in your brain and hard work . Good Luck!

Adminstrative Director

Dear Students,

There is no substitute to hard work, you must heard but hard work accompanied by smart work is the key excellence in the present world of cut-throat competition. Students generally find themselves in the ocean of confusion and dilemma when it comes to preparing for any exam usually students do not know to start and what to study.

We aspire to make our students excel in terms of thought, ideology and performance. To achieve this, I and my faculty work with commitment and dedication with such an Endeavour, we are sure of achieving the pinnacle for success.

Here at Sanjeevani Class, we truly understand that the final outcome is always in the hands of the student but we also believe that it is the teacher who can truly direct the student to achieve the desire goal. I take personal interest in what’s going on in my class, to confirm that we as an organization achieve the desired outcome.



Administrative Director

PHY.HOD, ADMT. Director

14 years Experience

(Postgraduate in Nano-tech & Material Science)

In our view, preparation of examination is based on three pillars.

“Concept Clarity, Contextual familiarity and application Expertise". Our innovative and dedicated teaching ensures that every students gets a firm grip of each of these pillars so very essential for arduous preparation. I on behalf of entire Sanjeevani Class Team welcome you to join us and feel the blend of quality & innovation that can change you to be the world class professional.

Believe in your brain and hard work . Good Luck!

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